Ars Gratia Artis

my greatest aspiration in life is to simply live it, love it, and most of all embrace it.

Anonymous asked: I know you don't go on this as much, but from time to time I revisit what was. Mistakes were made and betrayals happened, but deep down I know that both of us could've made a difference. We lied and said others made us happy, and we both screwed up. We were best friends. And nothing could replace what you and I shared. I wish others didn't cause the end of such a good friendship. I swore not to regret anything, but here I am. Dude it sucks, but I want you to know that you were so important to me

dear anon,

i hope everything is going well for you. When i look back at it, it is what it is. At a point in time, we were the best of friends. Never had i ever had so much in common with another person. I mean, in the end, what we are now is what we wanted for each other, and that’s being happy. & thank you for your honesty. & regret nothing because if anything we both learned how to be better people from both each other and this entire situation.  I hope your family, friends, and your girlfriend are doing well. Best of luck in all you do. Keep strong and positive.  



Weekend Warrior

This past weekend has been so crazy. But I do not regret it for a second. I just went to this great flip restaurant in Brooklyn called Purple Yam. Btw ups to my boy John. You are the greatest Mr. Boone! So yes… . Purple Yam… I highly recommend it to everyone and anyone. But yes, such a great night, I invited my cutie out to celebrate afterwards and he came XD ! And now today, were all going to go paint balling. This weekend has been good news upon good news. I also might be going to PR in october ! yayayayayayayay! But I just wanted to say, Happy Happy Birthday to my big sister Karen. Ate, you are my world and honestly the greatest thing in my life. You’ve taught me so much and you continue to do so everyday. I hope I can be 10x the woman you are today. I love you so much and you deserve the greatest. You are by far the sweetest person I know. You are caring, generous, intelligent, ambitious, and self starting. There is not a doubt in my mind that you will make it far!

Love your little sister forever,


So this is the recap wedding video of my god brother Juan and his beautiful bride Jenalyn. Every time I watch this, It reminds me that a true and real love exists. I can’t wait til I get married to that one special guy is my everything and more.